MasterZTaz has been in the lifestyel since 2012, recently being covered as Master at Oklahoma Leatherfest 2022 by MasterMalikTulsa. Taz enjoys teaching and passing forward what he has learned from so many experienced presenters over his 10 year journey. Advocating that there is no one true way for any type of play. That we take a presenter’s or teacher’s information home with us, we adapt the information to work for us, finding what works and doesn’t work for ourselves. Taz is a polyamorous Sadistic Daddy Dom.

He believes in Safety first, that is the one area when setting up play that is a constant, there is only one way to be safe. Understand the risks involved, acknowledge consent to understanding the risks involved for the play one is planning to participate in with the other party. Taz practices CRASH as well as Prick and Rack. CRASH is Consensually Responsibly Aware Shit Happens, if you play long enough, a scene will go wrong, the when is the only uncertainty.

Taz is proud of his wife and babygirl Tazs_Tweetybird who has been with him since 2014. Our relationship growing and evloving over the last 8 years, finding each others strengths, learning each others weaknesses. Providing support to one another allowing our strengths to make up for each others weaknesses with the hope of preventing the other to fail. A team can overcome all obstacles. Our love is edge play, play that pushes the envelope, always looking for new ways to push the edge.

In 2018, Taz met Pet_Kail at OKLF for pickup impact play. Our hope was we had a great scene that the two of us was looking for while expecting the play not to match up with our hopes and expectations. We both had been looking for our opposite, me a masochist, her a sadist. Not expecting that we would become play partners let alone today DD/sbg (collared submissive babygirl. Our play is intense, it is primal, raw with emotion and connection. Our play is not for everyone. She is the ying to my yang, we love to cook together, riding our motorcycles, attending car shows, show her off in her 40’s style, pin-up. and so much more.

In 2021 Taz met @ParkerJean, initially what was to be a play partner dynamic, has developed into a deep connection through rope and impact. Our dynamic is still growing while we still learn more about each other in the short year since we have met. Taz looks forward to learning more about ParkerJean, curious to where our dynamic goes.

With the encouragement of MasterMalikTulsa, Taz has began to present at dungeons and conferences. Presenting straight razor shavng and rope at Xpressions in Tulsa, straight razor shaving at OKLF and Infliction Hall, and Cell Popping at Infliction Hall. Taz is still developing his presentation style. Learning how to present better each time, reflecting on what went well and what needs improvement. This just one of the ways Taz enjoys giving back to the community.

Taz always enjoys making new friends, learning new types of play, teaching, and last but definitely not least, playing with my 3 wonderful lady’s. Please say hello to me this weekend.

Devils Fire – Expoding Cells

Devils Fire – commonly known as Cell Popping, some called it micro-branding of the skin. Have you wanted a temporary skin modification that will fade over time, like a temporary tattoo or Henna. This class will show you how to set up your supplies and cell popping tools, prep the skin, aftercare and follow up following you cell popping scene. Cell popping is edge play that can be a fun creative way to modify your body without harm or damage to the skin for the long term. The goal is for you to leave understanding what cell popping is, how to perform cell popping in a safe way, and how to follow up the days after, going home with creative ideas of how you would like to modify your body.

Bald is Beautiful – Genital Shaving

This class is about shaving the female genital area or “Pussy.” With obvious differences that would apply to male genitals. This class and demo will focus on the prepping of the skin, various pubic hair types, shaving direction, angle of razor, types of shaving creams, soaps, oils, and conditioners. I would like to acknowledge Team Fluffy out of the state of Washington for presenting this class that introduced me to the art of shaving with a straight razor.