Penguin After Dark

Penguin After Dark

What started as a hobby making toys for ourselves and friends turned into a passion for bringing quality toys at reasonable prices to the masses. We started off in a one bedroom apartment crafting on the porch and the living room and in the dining room to a two bedroom apartment crafting in the garage, living room, and dining room!!

Driven to show the world and kink community you can have some of the finer things in life without breaking the bank. We use exceptional materials and apply time honored methods to our craft. We have honed our art to bring folks the best we can. 

We strive to better ourselves and products through constant improvement, education, and experimentation. We push ourselves to bring unique and diverse toys to your toy bag! 

We have been fortunate to have the support and encouragement of our peers and community. It makes us want to bring only the best we can. 

We handcraft a unique take on traditional adult relationship enhancement devices. We stand behind them, and sometimes in front of them!! 😉

Shawn and Chelsea