Realistic Expectations Caroline D Broughton, Elizabeth Newsom, LCSW-S,

Elizabeth “Liz” Newsom, LCSW-S, is a sex therapist specializing in working with individuals who identify as kinky and/or consensually non-monogamous (poly, swingers, etc.); those who question cisgender conformity and/or have questions about sexuality; as well as those who need assistance with issues such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, communication/anger/intimacy issues and much more. In addition to standard individual, family and relationship counseling, Liz is currently expanding her practice to cater specifically to alternative lifestyles by developing a kinky therapy group that will help people gain personal acceptance of their true self, improve communication and relationship dynamics, and offer a place to gain peer support from like minded individuals. Additionally, she is developing an open relationship group that will focus on developing skills such as communication and intimacy, while providing a format to process through the various thoughts, feelings and emotions that come with any relationship. And a final group she is developing, an adult play therapy group specifically for those that identify as “little”.

Caroline D. Broughton, MSW-Intern, is a social work student in the University of Texas at Arlington’s Master of Social Work program for mental health and substance abuse. She is currently interning at a gender- and sexuality-affirming therapy practice, Realistic Expectations, PLLC., under the supervision of Elizabeth Newsom, LCSW-S. As part of her internship, Caroline has developed a sexual-identity development and support group for those on the asexual spectrum. In addition, she is working alongside Elizabeth Newsom to develop a polyamory support group as well as a therapeutic play group for adult “littles.” To complement her Western instruction, Caroline is also a student of Eastern traditions, such as: hatha yoga & Ayurveda, tantric Buddhism & meditation, and Usui Reiki energy work.

Maintaining a sense of self while kinky

Dipping a toe into kinky waters for the first time can be overwhelming. Dom, sub, switch, princess, master, mistress, mommy, daddy, rope bunny, primal, prey – so many labels to explore! When navigating one’s developing kink-identity, it can become consuming, especially if engaging in more involved roleplay or power exchanges. Over time, one can find themselves feeling disconnected to the nonkinky parts of their identity. In this workshop, we will discuss how to manage one’s kinkiness and maintain an authentic, grounded sense of self.