The Sensual Sadist’s introduction to the BDSM lifestyle began in 1999, and he has been in a formal leather family or active in club scene since 2004. He began presenting in the Denver area in 2005 and is known for presentations including “Flogging like a Freight Train,” “Closing the Gap: Touching Is a BDSM Skill,” “That Cane Is Actually a Stick: Identifying Quality Toys,” and “When Bad Things Happen to Good Doms.” While he no longer identifies as a Master, his apprenticeship with Master Blackwulf and the House of Wulf in Denver and Master’s Degree in Adult Education and Training created his core principle: We must be technically proficient in the implements we use before we can fully participate in the scene.
For years, he was a strict leather Master with slaves. As part of the “Two Guys” demonstration duo at the Enclave club in Denver, he led demos teaching members of the community to use varied toys and equipment. Thunder in The Mountains is one of the premiere BDSM events in the country, and The Sensual Sadist volunteered on the dungeon build crew and served as security staff for many years. Maybe most importantly, during his apprenticeship, he played at the Enclave, Harbor, or the Sanctuary almost every weekend for 4 years: His mentors analyzed and corrected his technical proficiency during more than 1,000 hours of play.

Flogging Like a Freight Train

Looking for the flogging 101 class….. This is not that type of Demo
Looking for the flashy, twirly, that looks pretty flogging…. This is not your Demo
Looking for the, “This is the seven safety points of flogging”…. This is not that Demo
Are you looking for the, “Maximum amount of force, applied directly and with intent, to another human being, by a sadist with a flogger.” This IS that Demo.
Power exchange used to be the descriptor of what we do, when we do, what we do. I still believe that. Only in this Demo it is going to be a VERY one-sided exchange, From me to the target in front of me.
I will try to explain my journey from a flashy Florentine, Butterfly Wing style Floggist, to the Hard, full force, power exchange style I use today. I want to share with you a bit of the Physics involved, and the mechanics of what a freight train flogging is and how this is different for other styles of whip throwing.
This demo is not about a lot of talk, I want you to see this, to hear it, to experience the energy flow from me to another with the crash of leather on flesh. If we are lucky, the energy is right, and the stars align just so, maybe the exchange will happen and you will there to witness it. If not I guarantee that there will be one loud, sweaty, hard hitting, show to watch.

“Hair Pulling and Sensual Sadism”

Not Just For Spanking: Using your Hands and touch to Establish Dominance.

Hair pulling, face slapping and other ways of using our hands; if done right, can be and often is an extremely effective way to establish dominance.

When I was new, I overheard a group of submissive folks describe how inexperienced someone was by saying, “That dumb ass, he doesn’t even know how to pull hair.” Well I did not want to be that guy: so I sought out some guidance from my mentors, asked a bunch of woman to let me practice, and I learned to pull hair. I believe there is an art to it. An art you say. Ask anyone who has ever had their hair pulled they will tell you, absolutely, yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to have ones hair pulled. If it is done right, it is an art. Like most art, a bit of instruction and some practice, something beautiful can happen.

As dominants/tops it is easy to fall into the trap of relying solely on the toys to establish the power exchange. We forget we can use our hands to direct and control the power. We will explore the importance of taking the step and closing the gap. Two important concepts when playing. We will demonstrate other forms of Dominate touching and how, with just using your hands one can do