Shadoichi has been involved with kink communities since 2010, and been part of the BDSM scene since 2012. Recognized for having a truly one-of-a-kind personality, an eccentric aproach to scene planning and a love of puns, he definitely “leaves a mark”. He is constantly learning and growing his skills so he can pass the knowledge to younger generations.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Shadoichi has attended many workshops at conferences, clubs, and kinky camping events across North America. He has taken information from many different presenters on very different subjects to create a unique style of his own.

Let me set the scene

Has your play gotten too predictable? Perhaps you want to add a new level to your favourite play? Maybe you’d like to make your fantasy a reality? The approach of how you build a scene can really help create undertones and make it even more fun! Not only will this class go over examples of different types of scene planning, you’ll actually help create a scene from scratch!

Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Vibe, Get on up its dungeon time

Rhythm guides your life. From your heart beat, to your breathing or the simple left-right-left-right of the way you walk.. Rhythm also sets poetry apart from regular speech, so why can’t it create poetry out of your play? The use of rhythm can make a scene much more enjoyable, and even help induce subspace or topspace. This class explores rhythm and its use in any type of play. With hands-on portions of the class guiding you, learn how to find the rhythm in any scene.