Sir Athens

Sir Mark Athens 


Mark is a queer poly Leatherman who heads a Master\slave household that focuses on personal growth, exploration, and service. Being born and raised in Kansas city, Mark is passionate about barbeque, the local football team Chiefs, and midwestern hospitality. He has been a part of the Leather community since 2015 and is well sought after both locally and nationally as a kink educator. He flags black on the left and is well known for his tagline ‘Why the fuck not!’. He is an erotic instigator, delighting in encouraging pople to explore their deboucherous sexual desires and can often be found in his home dungeon ‘The Black Dog’, telling Dad jokes, and cruising with his devilishly sadistic smile.

Mark has served his local community and the community at large by serving on boards such as the Kansas City Pride Parade, Consent Kansas City Facilitator, and acting as a leather liaison with the Kansas City Ballroom Community. He is also a founding member of the Kansas City Bloodline Leather Family where he served for seven years on their Leadership council. Being a member of local groups such as Alternative Humans Sexuality (AHS), Consent Kansas City, Kansas City Ballroom. More recently serving as your Mr. Route 66 Leather 2022.

Mark regularly presents workshops on a wide range of topics that center around edgeplay and practical application. He is most often sought out to teach workshops on Fire play, unique deprivation, and edge play. Often mixing his classes with hands-on experience, stories, and dad jokes, he leaves his students with a very unique experience that is both engaging and fun.

Mark’s (continuing) passion is to engage with and support a wide variety of communities, sharing knowledge, time and space, increases strength through increased diversity.

The predicament of knives

On a Knife’s edge is where we will find the predicament of fear, trust, and lust. Feeling the sensation of cold steel pull slowly and sharply across the skin, creating both fear and seduction. The points piercing the skin freeing the body of both breath and orgasums. The dilemma of choosing fear and ecstasy. In this class attendees will explore how to leverage knives in there own erotic sense. We will be focusing on the erotic forms of knife play as it pertains specifically to predicament play and bondage. Attendees will leave this class with the knowledge of how to safely create, execute, and enjoy a unique style of playing with knives. Come out and take a walk on the edge of edge play!

Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal Rope, chains, and Zip ties are fun, but barbed wire excites me!

Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal Rope, chains, and Zip ties are fun, but barbed wire excites me! Whether you’re a sensual top seeking to find a new sensation, a sadist thirsting for the cries of pain that edge play brings, or a blood thirsty vampire looking to entice the life force from the body for sexual gratification, this class is for you. This class is Centered around barbed wire edge play and the many twisted pleasures it can provide both the top and the bottom. Attendees will have an opportunity to explore barbed wire bondage and impact play, with a dynamic instructor who has a strong focus on safety. Attendees will leave the class with the groundwork to create, execute, and enjoy a scene using the medium of barbed wire. Come out and let’s get twisted together!