“This is SweetSalt, first of her name, Queen of the cunt snot and sweaty pits, Lord of Emetics, Lover of Power Exchange, Breaker of Taboos, the Blood Stained, the Screamer, the Licker of Toilets and the Mother of Mayhem.”

SweetSalt is a queer, polyamorous switch who has a deep love and passion for connection, spirituality, and intimacy. She has been practicing kink for 16 years and has developed a particular devotion for the practice of more taboo fetishes and interests.

Although she shares her heart with others, she is honored to present as slave to Master Malik and is walking the path of Mastery.

SweetSalt is active in the DFW community and has been sharing her knowledge for several years. She firmly believes in the power of self-expression, acceptance, and liberation in kink and encourages everyone to be true to themselves both in and out of the dungeon. She feels that when we explore the deepest chasms of our hearts and minds we can achieve a greater connection to ourselves and those around us.

As a kinky person SweetSalt practices SM under the PRICK risk profile. She believes in personal responsibility and accountability both in and out of the dungeon. As a Leatherwoman she walks to the beat of her own drum and strives to live as authentically as possible.

Connection & Intimacy Through Bodily Fluids

Spit, piss, cum, vomit, tears, blood, scat… We grew up learning that what our bodies produce is ‘yucky’ and ‘gross’. We were taught not to talk about it. We learned to be ashamed of it. Some of us go so far as to not go “Number 2” in a public bathroom and we sure as hell didn’t bring it into the bedroom.

But why? Why must we feel embarrassed or ‘squicked out’ by fluids? Our bodily fluids are part of us. We create them. They are ours. When we share them with those we care about we have the potential to experience something beyond what we could possibly imagine. That connection, that closeness…that is the beautifully profound intimacy that is felt by all when we bring what is inside of us out into the world.

Bodily fluids goes beyond Top and bottom, Dominant and submissive, or even Master and slave. When we open ourselves up to each other in that sacred space there is a shared vulnerability that nurtures and strengthens the bonds between us.

Through bodily fluids we can create a connection and intimacy that surpasses anything we thought imaginable.

Medical Play the SweetSalt Way

I’m sure most of us have had a crush on a doctor, had fantasies about that sexy nurse, or enjoyed our prostate or pelvic exam a little more than we’d like to admit. Maybe the snap of latex gloves or a crisply pressed lab coat turns you on. We can’t (or shouldn’t) act on those feelings in a professional setting, but we can certainly enjoy it in our scenes!

Part of what I love about medical play is the versatility of the equipment when used creatively. It doesn’t have to be “just medical play.” It can be incorporated into other kinds of scenes as well. Medical exams can be terrifying. They can be humiliating. They can make you laugh nervously.

Medical play can include many different things and allow those involved the chance to enjoy exciting roleplay. In this class we will discuss tools and techniques such as catheters, speculums, dental picks and scalers, personal protective equipment, fun with tape and gauze, and so much more. We will explore the roles of doctors, nurses, dentists, willing patients – and even the unwilling patients.

Come in, have a seat, and get comfortable. Dr. SweetSalt will see you now.