Switch Jake

Switch Jake has been involved with the BDSM community since 2001. In his educator role, he has taught all over the United States and Canada on a variety of topics.

Additionally, he is the host of a BDSM podcast (Kink in the Chain) under the pseudonym Rope Squirrel where he gives relationship advice and interviews people within the kink and BDSM community. Finally, he is one of the directors of Colorado Leather fest. Switch Jake is excited to be here to share what he has learned in the 19 years of being in BDSM and leather communities.

Forced Orgasms

The act of giving your partner as many orgasms as they can handle and then five more. At first, they will praise you, an hour from now they will curse your name. Come learn how to not just get your partner off but also enjoy them begging you to stop. It will be the only time you will ever hear “please sir/ma’am! Please! No more orgasms!” This class can also feature a live demo.


Actively playing with something your parents told you not to, electricity. Includes toys and safety. Additionally, includes a demo during the class. For those of us who stuck our fingers into electrical outlets and liked it, electricity can be used in a multitude of ways, both pain, and pleasure.