Trix (they/them) is a Gender Queer, creole, omnisexual that has been involved in the BDSM, kink and Leather lifestyles for fourteen years. They lead and teach locally in their kink group called L.O.T.U.S.; L.O.T.U.S. is an acronym for Lagniappe Of Teaching and Understanding Sadomasochism. Trix produces the annual event, Vision. They have taught courses at several events, including Beyond Vanilla, Vision and their local munches and bar nights. They have been a volunteer at PACE (pride event), Trans Advocates in Louisiana, and various other pride groups. They have a special place in their heart for vanilla education, LGBTQ acceptance, and BIPOC inclusivity. Trix has many goals revolving around kink centric education. They want to abolish the mindset that having leather clothing is what defines you as Leather. Leather is a soul deep trait with strong values and an even stronger sense of community and family. Trix wishes to infuse traditional Leather values and kink safety in the newer generations, as well as continue the education of themselves, previous Leather generations and kink communities of all types

That’s My Point!

Trix has always been drawn to the shiny, pokey
things being used in this macabre world of edge play.
This class will touch on sharps, staples, sutures, scalpels, and shanks of other sorts. We will walk through safety aspects of
playing with stabby things first. Then, we will have a “show and discuss” educational portion of the course. You see a demonstration of the implements in action, then we will collectively discuss your new knowledge in a safe, judgement free environment following P.R.I.C.K.
(Personal Risk Informed Consensual Kink).

Positive ReinFORCEment

Have you ever called yourself stupid, fat, ugly, etc? Have you ever said you’re sorry or been forced to apologize to yourself? There is something humbling about having to apologize to someone else when you have wronged them. Apologizing to yourself for doing/saying negative things to
yourself can be a humiliating lesson.

Come experience what being forced to apologize to yourself can do to your self-worth. Lean in close while I review the changed that have occurred over the past year while I have forced my notoriously self-depreciating submissive. My boy has been made to compliment himself
anytime he is mean to himself–to one of the people who mean the most to me. We will touch on some psychological aspects and learn to use tools that We unknowingly all have in our pockets.

CW: Past Regression, Past Trauma, Abuse. I am not a licensed therapist or Behavioral specialist.