Twisted Engineering

Whilst in the middle of a particularly intense impact scene, Twisted Engineering’s founder and resident sadistic engineer, experienced what can only be described as a catastrophic failure of the implement in which he was wielding, resulting in a complete miscarriage of structural integrity. As the broken cane shaft careened across the room, nearly skewering an already terrified onlooker, Jedi vowed in that moment, should one more implement fall victim to his hand, he would begin crafting his own gear – ones even he could not break. Of course, anyone who has ever seen Jedi play, knows this didn’t take long – as he also broke the very next implement he picked up.

A man of his word, Jedi went to work applying everything he had learned about engineering and craftsmanship to his designs, and then later, to his production methods. Implementing stringent quality control processes and intense product testing on a plethora of willing “victims”, Jedi was able to verify he had indeed succeeded in his goal. It wasn’t long before word of mouth spread, and others began inquiring about how they too could acquire such finely crafted implements for their own collections, and the rest they say, is history.

Established 2017 in Houston Texas, Twisted Engineering is a leading manufacturer and global retailer of genuine luxury at reasonable prices. With a full catalog ranging from dungeon equipment to bondage rope and accessories, impact tools to sensation play products, lifestyle wear to daily wear, we supply our patrons with everything they need to pursue their fetishes and fantasies.

Operating with a minimalist philosophy, Twisted Engineering firmly believes that companies have a unique responsibility when it comes to environmental consciousness, and for us, business and sustainability go hand-in-hand.  Our designs, however, are not confined by convention, but rather aspiring to the highest quality and durability. We believe in allowing each piece to speak for itself.

Today, more than ever, our commitment to quality and reliability applies to everything we do. Constantly researching, refining, and perfecting every detail to provide products that won’t let you down.  Because at Twisted Engineering we’re not just manufacturing alternative lifestyle gear; we’re honoring a vow.