Ursus is a leather daddy bootblack who won South Central Community Bootblack in 2020. He is pansexual and married to his lovely wife Laurel. His has been kinky for two decades and enjoys single tails, needles, canes, and rough body play, not to mention bootblacking. The love, history, and sexyness that others’ leather shows him, turns him on and drives him in his pursuit of bootblacking. He has been doing piercings for over 20 years in and out of tattoo shops across Texas, but now tends to focus on the play side of needles. When not bootblacking or at leather events, Ursus enjoys tabletop RPGs, board games, and disc golf, not to mention annoying those around him with obscure movie quotes.

Risk assessment in and out of the dungeon

Most people know that when we play, there are risks involved. But how many people assess these risks within their M/s or D/s dynamic? Do you make these assessments before pickup play? Who’s job is it to determine the risks? In this class we will go over how to best evaluate potential hurdles in both play and in your relationship; Learn to evaluate a scene and it’s potential pitfalls, or to mitigate issues that may arise with your partner. Both the physical and mental risks in what we do can be lessened with the right tools.

Wearable Needle play – 60-90 min.

Needle play can be lots of fun, but many are reluctant to leave the needles in when they leave the scene. In this class, Ursus, with over 20 years of piercing experience, will go over techniques and materials to safely turn a needle play scene into a wearable work of art while at the dungeon or events! He will go over necklaces, corsets, and have an open Q&A for other potential piercing designs and practices.