About Beyond Vanilla

Beyond Vanilla is an annual conference geared towards educating individuals interested in exploring the sex positive lifestyles. It is a weekend filled with classes from developing hands-on skills to building strong, healthy relationships. What began as a safe sex workshop has evolved into an educational conference about creating sex positive spaces, how to do what we do safely and consensually, with the primary focus on newer community members.

In 1984, as the AIDS crisis was gaining momentum, a men’s BDSM group called the Disciples of de Sade was founded. They began holding seminars in the small meeting room in the back of the Dallas Gay Alliance, with 15-20 people in attendance. Through the years, the presentations grew, moved locations, and became known as Beyond Vanilla. In 1990, it was turned over to the then young club, National Leather Alliance - Dallas, who has grown and shaped it to what we know today.

Through the years, Beyond Vanilla has also served as the host to several contests for Bootblacks, the Pup community, to include International Pup/Handler, and Great Plains Olympus Leather. In 2020, Beyond Vanilla welcomed the Inaugural Texas Power Exchange Contest (TXPE), which serves as a feeder into the International Power Exchange Contest hosted by Beyond Leather. TXPE is an inclusive contest open to power exchange relationships of any kind, established for at least one year. Contestants can be individuals, couples, or a triad of representatives of a poly power exchange relationship of any size.

Beyond Vanilla is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. These principles guide our approach to the community and education as we welcome, embrace, and protect all participants, especially the BIPOC community, all colors of the Pride rainbow, and all flavors of kink. At the Director's discretion, any persons perceived to put the event or attendees at risk will not be permitted to attend the event.

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