Beyond Vanilla

Stray toys

Ready to get ruff? Make yourself howl with delight tonight with apparel and gear from Stray Toys. Whether it’s fashion or fetish, we’ve got you covered (or uncovered).

Beyond Piercing

Serving the community since 2006, Beyond Piercing specializes in the unique and sadistic- offering quality piercing and medical supplies. We carry a variety of items such as medical & body modification tools, specialty needles and saline bags along with a wide selection of kits. We have the “know how” and can offer education and guidance on all our products.

DFW Dungeon

DFW Dungeon is conveniently located at 635 and 35 in Dallas.  We are a clean Educational event venue.

– Educational events 3 times a week 

– Parties every Friday and Saturday

– Locker Room and Changing Areas


– Large open dungeon with tons of furniture

– Largest freestanding suspension system in North America

Underground Cigar Shop

Welcome to The Underground Online! Obviously, you enjoy the perfect fine cigar. That is why the Underground prides itself on carrying a diverse inventory of boutique and small-batch cigars from a distinguished list of vendors and representatives we love and trust. Known for our familiarity and insight into all things boutique, we regularly seek new and even rare selections to add to our inventory so we can continue to provide you with the best fine cigar experience.

Vark & Co

Vark & Co is a Dallas based small business that focuses on the needs of the Leather and kink community.  With some 30+ years in the Leather community we strive to carry many of your playful wants.  Our products are predominantly American made by artisans, many located right here in Texas.  We believe in high end quality at fair pricing and we are always looking for that something to enrich and excite your intimate times.  We live by two mottos…Lust. Leather. Lifestyle and Pigs Make Us Happy! We look forward to seeing you in the Vendors mart.

Dungeon Outfitters

Dungeon Outfitters primarily specializes in high quality-crafted dungeon equipment. Our designs cater to the needs of busy kinkster’s who demand superior performance from their implements and equipment. Our pieces break down easily and quickly and are ideal for transport. You can enjoy your kink anywhere, any time!
At Dungeon Outfitters, we understand your need for distinctive implements and dungeon equipment. That’s why we put great thought and care into every design.
View our options section to see our many colors and designs. And we also carry lines of toys to add to the fun! Visit Dungeon Outfitters TODAY!


Kink.Works offers exceptional adult spanking implements, including exotic wood paddles, fine leather straps, thuddy firehose strops, and sensuous deer-hide floggers.