Beyond Vanilla

Master Mark and SnowbabyK

SnowbabyK (she/her), AKA: “Ms. K”.  She is a sadomasochistic queer polyamorous switch that has been active in the Dallas/Fort Worth Kink Community for several years.  She has lead littles groups, volunteers for fundraising events to support LBGTQ+, marginalized communities, and suicide prevention.  Often teaches and leads discussion/demos on cigar service/play, primal impact play, and DD/Lg with her Daddy Dom_Mark2.  In walking the path of a leather woman, she hopes to share what she learns with others. Snowbabyk has been described as “Big Love”, giving with a fierce sense of sensuality. Snowbabyk enjoys all things stingy, primal play, cigars, princess by day, tigress by night. RAWR!

Master Mark, Fetlife: Dom_Mark2 (he/him).  He is a Poly, Master, Daddy, Partner, Leatherman, Switch. His journey in this lifestyle began in 1998.  Graduated from the Dallas Submissive Mentors Program in 2013. He served a local Fem/Dom from 2007 to 2013, and began his journey as a Leatherman in 2014. Leathermen have it right, being on both sides of the slashes has made me a better Dominate.  Currently the Vice President of the Leather Heart Clan, and have been a member since 2015. Co-leader of Worthless Bastard Cigar Club, and leadership team for Whips in the Woods.  Recently, he was presented his cover by the leather community.  He has taught classes at the local dungeons with his current baby, SnowbabyK.  Together they have taught/led classes/discussions on Cigars, Cigar Service, Extreme Cigar Play, and Primal Impact Play.  They enjoy impact play, with whips, canes, rough body play, and all things taboo. Master Mark loves to sit in sand, smoke cigars, drink Scotch, and tell lies with his friends.

Primal with a Twist

The Power Exchange between two partners that exist when on neutral ground. The acceptance that neither one will lower themselves, and no more Fucks are given to the other with full transparency and honest emotions. Pushing and stretching their boundaries together, switching between being the hunter and the prey testing the lines between pleasure and pain.”

Wrestling and grappling on the mats is fun, however, there is more to Primal than just that type of play.
See Primal energy in play that isn’t what most think of when they hear Primal.

The Twist, in this type of play, is the impact that both experiences are the great equalizer.  If relationships and partners are equal, how does “The Play” become no top, no bottom, focused on connection, and energy/power exchange.

Little’s Play Space

Calling all Little’s, Middle’s, Pet’s, and their Caregiver’s to enjoy others or just relax.  SnowbabyK would like to provide a portable swing, parachute, balls, and arts and crafts for all to enjoy.  If one would like to bring a blankie, pillows, stuffies, or sippy cups for comfort please do so.  We can’t provide personal non porous objects due to Covid.  We will have sanitizer and disinfectants for the swing, parachute, and balls to wash after use to keep Covid friendly. Can’t wait to see all the sweet and bratty ones out there.
Alice Miller

Alice Miller aka GrownA__Woman

Alice is a poly, queer, sadistic Leatherwoman from Dallas, Texas. She has been active in the Dallas community since 2016. While she adores body bags, knives and canes, her view of play is do whatever the heck you want!  Currently Alice is co-owner of Smoke and Mirrors DFW, leader of Underground Cigar Social, Member-at Large for NLA Dallas, and serves on the council at DFW Dungeon.

Bag It Up I'll Take It...

Curious about body bags, if you are into bondage, power exchange in a scene, fear play, breath play, temperature play. This class will be right up your ally. Learn the basics, get some new ideas in this hands on participation class. Come find out how fun body bags can be.

Miss Velvet Steele

Dear Miss Velvet

Miss Velvet Steele (she/her) is a dominant, cisgender, heteroflexible Leatherwoman with a penchant for electricity, scalpels, and needles.She has a wide range of life experience that helps her feel at home everywhere from the boardroom to the opera to the dungeon and all points in between. Miss Velvet is proud to have recently accepted her scurrilous, yet devoted, slave Todd into her service. She encourages curiosity, values everyone's contributions, and demands high standards from those in her purview. Committed to serving her community, Miss Velvet currently serves on the board of NLA-Dallas, volunteers for the Mentors Program, works on the staff of the NLA-Dallas NewsLeather, and is part of the Beyond Vanilla planning committee. As an educator, she has a passion for sharing her knowledge with others and believes in taking a holistic approach to BDSM that addresses the needs of the whole self and not just one’s kinky desires.

Building Your Kinky Character Sheet

You know you’re an expert flogger, or perhaps tea service is your jam; but have you considered how your own unique mixture of background, experiences, and personality traits are part of what you have to offer?  Have you ever thought about how these combine with our values, skills, and life obligations to form our kink identity?  In this class, we will use the paradigm of the character sheet to help us take a look at how the elements of our personal foundation inform our availability as a partner and community member.

Vark & Co




This little piggy has been a work in progress for the last twenty five years.  Built on the philosophy of Lust.Leather.Lifestyle, Vark & Co. is all about enjoying who we are as people, community and a lifestyle. Built on a foundation of quality, style and timeless appeal, Vark & Co. is not only a store but a lifestyle and  a whole lot of naughty and sexy fun!!! Find us on Fetlife (Vark_and_Co) , Instagram (Vark612) and Twitter (@vark_co)

Dynamic Edge Works

Are you needing a digital presence that will set your passions ablaze? A website? A logo? Need the whole enchilada? Dynamic Edge Works is the alternative lifestyle go-to business to create your individualized, dynamic digital presence.  We offer an experienced understanding of the needs and challenges specific to lifestyle, kink, and LGBTQ+ communities online presentation.  Want to see what we can do? Check us out on the NLA-Dallas, Beyond Vanilla XXX and Dear Miss Velvet websites.

Contact us today so we can work with you to create a presence for your passion.

Dynamic Edge Works - creating a digital presence for your passion
2022 Leather Pride in Texas April 15 - 17, 2022

Leather Pride in Texas

Leather Pride in Texas is an event dedicated to promoting Leather lifestyle education, Leather values, providing Leather Space for Leather People and building unity in the entire Leather Community.  At Leather Pride in Texas 2022, come join us as we celebrate Leather. We are stronger together than apart. We are United in Leather.

Master Todd

Proudly hailing from Austin, Texas, Master Todd has been active in the BDSM community since 2004 and discovered Leather along the way. Growing up in an environment that made him constantly aware that his proclivities are different, he is a fan of sharp pointy things and medical play. A self-described relationship nihilist who is always open to possibility, his latest incarnation finds him in service to his Master, Miss Velvet Steele. He is honored to have served as the 2013 Southwest Master and currently serves as the Director of MAsT: Leander and the Assistant Regional Director for the Southwest Region.

Switch and Bitch

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: you’re not really a switch, you just haven’t figured out what you really are yet.  Perhaps instead you were told, “you’re not really a switch, you just haven’t met the right Dom yet.” Maybe you’ve never heard this because you’ve been reluctant to identify as a switch because you’re sure that somehow you’ll lose all your cred as badass top/bottom.  Whatever your path in being a switch is like, you’ve likely encountered the looks and judgements that come with not fitting neatly into the little boxes that we as kinky folk love to label.  

Join Master Todd for an interactive discussion of what it means to be a switch, the challenges of identifying as a switch, and other fun topics we uncover along the way.

Speculums, Sounds, and Scalpels, Oh My! Infiltrating the Mind and Body with Medical Play

Not just playing doctor in the dungeon, medical play encompasses a wide array of play styles, toys, and activities.  Medical play is much more than violating existing (or freshly made) orifices, and when done correctly, it offers a way to deepen the intimate connection that occurs when we exchange power.  In this presentation, Master Todd will discuss a variety of play ideas. Class will conclude (time permitting) with a cutting demonstration to satisfy your, and his, bloodlust.

Ritz Kracker Whips

Ritz Kracker Whips  is an internationally recognized brand founded with one goal: To supply the highest quality nylon whips at the most economical prices. RKW specializes in custom made nylon whips of all types, sizes, and design. RKW makes whips of all kinds length and weights, so no matter your skill level,  we are certain that you will find our whips responsive and easy to use.  We use traditional techniques and methods in our whip construction. While developing our own unique modern techniques to utilize our modern materials. Every Ritz Kracker whip is braided by Ritz himself and will be finished and tested by him before shipped. This allows Ritz to inspect every plait and knot to ensure our standards.